My Development Projects

Below you'll find screenshots of development projects I'm particularly proud of.  


Twap it

Twap It was inspired by a colleague's time spent working with Syrian refugees in Jordan, and was initially a web app that would allow users to report incidents that were happening around them (anything from the sound of gunfire to potential polio outbreaks) while also viewing incidents that others had reported.

It was built using Google maps' API with the Spring Boot framework for Java, utilizing the built in Spring Security for user authentication and authorization, and a MySQL database to store information.

Additional features include being able to search other users and add them as friends, and an admin dashboard for managing users and reports.

After presenting the site for the first time, we decided to try and widen our potential audience beyond just Syria, and redesigned the app to centers on a user's location. This meant swapping out the report types (conflict, health, human rights vialoation) for "Tags" which are generated by the users and can be clicked on to filter twaps by that tag. 

Fair bnb

This e-commerce site was inspired by etsy, but also by the idea that there should be a free market for people to trade whatever goods they desire, using whatever currency they choose. Thus, Fair BnB was born. 

Built using Angular 4 and other mainstays of the MEAN stack, it leverages Angular's components to tailor the user's experience to their needs. Customers are able to shop and purchase items from a number of vendors, while vendors can post products that they wish to sell.

There was also particular attention given to user anonymity. Aliases are employed instead of providing full names, and the majority of the site is browsable before ever requiring a login.

Stripe's checkout tool was used to implement a quick and easy purchasing process, and also allows for users to pay via bitcoin( either by linking their account or scanning a QR code).